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Aktuelle Publikationen


  • Beliefless Knowing, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 100 (3), 2019
  • Justified Group Belief is Evidentially Responsible Group Belief, Episteme, 2019 
  • Knowing How to Put Knowledge First in The Theory of Justification, Episteme, 2017
  • How Doxastic Justification Helps Us Solve the Puzzle of Misleading Higher-Order Evidence, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2017
  • Etiological Information and Diminishing Justification,” forthcoming, Inquiry, 2017
  • The Composite Nature of Epistemic Justification, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2016
  • Why Worry About Epistemic Circularity?, Journal of Philosophical Research, (w/ M.P. Lynch), 2016
  • On Doxastic Justification and Properly Basing One’s Beliefs, Erkenntnis, 2015
  • Does Doxastic Justification Have a Basing Requirement?, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2014
  • How To Be Conservative: A Partial Defense of Epistemic Conservatism, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2013
  • Ordinary Objects and Series-Style Answers to the Special Composition Question, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2013
  • Epistemically Self-Defeating Arguments and Skepticism About Intuition, Philosophical Studies, 2013


Bevorstehende Veröffentlichungen

  • Debunking Objective Consequentialism: the Challange of Knowledge-Centric Anti-Luck Epistemology,
    Higher Order Evidence and Moral Epistemology, Michael Klenk (ed.)
  • Mistuned Knowledge and the Prospects of a Lockean Unification of Epistemology, Episteme
  • Propositional Justification and Doxastic Justification (with Luis R.G. Oliveira),
    Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy Evidence, Maria Lasonen-Aarnio & Clayton Littlejohn (eds.)  
  • A Bayesian Explanation of the Irrationality of Sexist and Racist Beliefs Involving Generic Content, Synthese.
  • Explaining Enkratic Asymmetries: Knowledge-First Style, Philosophical Studies.
  • Justified Group Belief is Evidentially Responsible Group Belief, Episteme.
  • Can Worsnip’s Strategy Solve the Puzzle of Misleading Higher-Order Apparent Evidence?, Inquiry.
  • A Conceptual Analysis of Glory, Res Philosophica.
  • Justification: Propositional, Doxastic, Personal, The Routledge
  • Companion to Evidence, eds. M. Lasonen-Aarnio, T. Dougherty, & C.