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Prof. Dr. Thomas Grundmann

Professor of Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, and Logic


Research Assistant
Dr. Anna-Maria Asunta Eder
Dr. Marvin Backes

Graduate Assistants
Eva Jungbluth

Judith Reichert

Main Publications

  • 2017 Analytische Einführung in die Erkenntnistheorie (Analytic Introduction to Epistemology), De Gruyter: Berlin/New York, 2. Auflage.
  • 2022 “Dependent Reliability: Why and How Conditional Reliability Should Be Replaced by It”, in: Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 105: 144-159
  • 2021 “Preemptive Authority: The Challenge from Outrageous Expert Judgments”, in: Episteme 18: 407-427.

Key Research Areas

  • Metaphilosophy
  • Applied Social Epistemology (Disagreement, Epistemic Authorities, Experts, Trust in Science)
  • General Epistemology