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Prof. Dr. David Wirmer

Arabic and Jewish Philosophy

Main Publications

  • "Arabic Philosophy and the Art of Reading. I. Political Philosophy", in: Jean-Baptiste Brenet, Olga Lizzini (eds.), La philosophie arabe à l’étude. Sens, limites et défis d’une discipline moderne, Paris: Vrin, 2019, 179–250.
  • "The World and the Eye. Perplexity about Ends in Guide III.13 and III.25", in: Daniel Davies, Charles Manekin (eds.), Interpreting Maimonides: Critical Essays, Cambridge 2018, 171–189.
  • "Averroes on Knowing Essences", in: Peter Adamson, Matteo Di Giovanni (eds.), Interpreting Averroes: Critical Essays, Cambridge 2018, 116–137.

Key Research Areas

  • Arabic Philosophy from al-Andalus
  • Jewish Philosophy, especially 13th to 15th century Hebrew texts
  • Natural Philosophy and Epistemology (Ancient and Medieval)