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Knowledge and Explanation.  Soochow University. Lectures in Philosophy, Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 4-8

Remembering Absence. 27th Annual Conference of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP). University of Athens, Greece, Sept. 5-8

Remembering Absence. Issues in the Philosophy of Memory 2, University of Grenoble, France, July 1-4

Linguistischer Schematismus und Regelfolgen. University of Cologne, June 25

Die Paradoxie des erweiterten Geistes. University of Hamburg, May 29

Silence and Absence in Auditory Perception. University of Tehran, Iran, May 5

The Justification of Motivated Ignorance. Scripps College, USA, March 30

Knowledge and Explanation. UC Irvine, USA, Feb. 20


Explanatory Reliabilism. 5th Conference of the Brazilian Society for Analytic Philosophy. Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. Sept. 10-14

Wann generiert Flaschheit Wissen? University of Hanover, April 24

On the Blameworthiness of Forgetting. Nankai University, China, June 7

Epistemic Benefits on Memory’s Imperfections. Nankai University, China, June 6


The Epistemic Parity of Testimony, Memory, and Reasoning. Workshop Philosophical Perspectives on Memory. University of Adelaide, Australia, Dec. 7-8

Wann generiert Falschheit Wissen?, Workshop Wissen-Verstehen-Erklären. Technical University Dresden, Nov. 24-26

Against Global Reliability of Methods. Workshop Contemporary Debates on Epistemology. Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, Nov. 20-21

Knowledge from False Hinges. Hinge Epistemology Conference. UC Irvine, USA, Sept. 9-10

Epistemic Benefits of Memory's Imperfections. Conference Memory and Meaning. UC Irvine, USA, April 4-5

Three Lectures on Knowledge from Falsehood. Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil, March 15-6